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データベース“Project Funding Programs”には、全プログラムの概要がドイツ語で掲載されています。


  • PPP Joint Research(プロジェクトに関連した人材交流)、次回の公募は2024年6月を予定
  • 独日韓大学間提携助成金(PAJAKO – Partnerschaften mit Japan und Korea)、次回の公募は2024年6月を予定
  • 早稲田大学、筑波大学、京都大学とのパートナーシップ・プログラム、次回の公募は2024年6月を予定



Alumni-Programm zur Fortbildung und Bindung internationaler Alumni aus Industrieländern (AA)

  • [Deadline: 2024/07/01] This program supports German universities in sustaining long-term ties with international alumni who have completed a degree or have spent at least three months studying, researching, or lecturing at a German university. Funding is provided for networking events and further educational opportunities for international alumni. Further information (German only): www.daad.de/go/pf57740227

BIDS – BetreuungsInitiative Deutsche Auslands- und PartnerSchulen

  • [Deadline: 2024/08/06] This program provides funding for information events about studying in Germany for PASCH students and teachers. The funding can also be used for partial scholarships, and student support measures for first-year students in German universities who graduated from PASCH schools. Further information (German only): daad.de/go/pf57740126

Förderung ausländischer Gastdozenten zu Lehrtätigkeiten an deutschen Hochschulen (ab Sommersemester 2025)

  • [Deadline: 2024/07/15] This program awards grants to guest lecturers from all countries and disciplines at German universities. Further information (German only): daad.de/go/pf57711766

Germanistische Institutspartnerschaften weltweit

  • [Deadline: 2024/08/12] This program provides grants for departments of German Studies within Germany and associated partner institutes abroad. Funding includes the development of new teaching concepts & curricula, study abroad, academic research and guest lectureships related to German Studies. Further information (German only):  daad.de/go/pf57739850

Internationalisierung der Hochschulen für Angewandte Wissenschaften “HAW.International”

  • [Deadline: 2024/07/10] This program supports German universities of applied sciences (UAS) with expanding their interdisciplinary partnerships and improving the international employability of their students. Funding comprises events, professional job trainings, marketing & public relations work and more. Further information (German only): daad.de/go/pf57740479