Unveiling Innovations in Industry 4.0 & Reasoning for Intelligence in Productions

アーヘン工科大学のResearch institutes of Information and Automation Systems (IAT)と大阪大学の産業科学研究所(ISIR)はDWIH東京後援のもと、未来の産業とイノベーションをテーマとしたシンポジウムを開催します。是非ご参加ください。


The symposium presents insights from research institutes of Information and Automation Systems (IAT) at RWTH Aachen University and the SANKEN Department of Reasoning for Intelligence (ISIR) at Osaka University. Explore methods of machine learning from large data sets using mathematical constraints and statistical search techniques with ISIR, and discover information concepts for comprehensive support of engineering, optimized process control, and plant management throughout the lifecycle of a production facility with IAT. Dive into six key topics and explore doctoral research through poster presentations. Be part of shaping the future of industry and innovation.


2024年3月6日, 09:00 から 12:15まで

主催者: アーヘン工科大学, 大阪大学 / 後援:DWIH東京


コンタクト(英語,ドイツ語): Michael Winter m.winter@iat.rwth-aachen.de