Mobility2Grid: Electrification of public transportation in Japan and Germany

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The research campus Mobility2Grid and the Intelligent Transport Systems Laboratory at Kyoto University explore strategies for electrified public transport in a comparative 3 days workshop. The event will take place hybrid from 7th —  9th May 2024. Hosted at Kyoto University, this workshop aims to foster German-Japanese collaboration, advancing academic and industry partnerships towards achieving climate-neutral transportation. This event delves into the complexities of electrification, including depot functions, vehicle-to-grid integration, and the socio-environmental implications of electric mobility. Pre-registration is requested via the M2G website.


2024年 5月 7日から 5月 9日

ハイブリット (京都大学/オンライン)
主催者: Science Campus Mobility2Grid (M2G) ベルリン工科大学, 京都大学 / 共催 : DWIH 東京