Circular Building Practices : A Japanese-German Perspective

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The transformation of the construction sector is one of the major tasks of the coming years. The construction industry continues to cause 40% of global CO2 emissions, while one third of the global waste volume is generated by the demolition of existing buildings. For the construction turnaround to succeed, all stakeholders involved in new construction or remodeling projects need to rethink. Innovative processes of material procurement, component development, construction design, construction sequencing, building use and ultimately building deconstruction will be presented and discussed at the symposium. Planned with a practical and bi-cultural perspective, the event will demonstrate how research results and innovative construction methods can be transferred to local contexts in Japan and Germany.


2024年 3月 18日から 3月 19日

東京工業大学 大岡山キャンパス
主催者: アーヘン工科大学 / 共催:東京工業大学、DWIH東京