Konrad Zuse Schools of Excellence in Artificial Intelligence

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[Deadline: 2021/10/22] In order to strengthen the standing of German AI research and application in the context of international competition, the Federal Government’s AI strategy focuses on international cooperation with the aim of training the personnel required for AI development and application in Germany.

German higher education and research institutions not only offer excellent study and research opportunities in the field of AI, they also engage in numerous research and development collaborations with industry and business. The growing number of industry-specific AI application areas also offers attractive employment and career opportunities for top national and international AI specialists.

This is where the funding programme ‘Konrad Zuse Schools of Excellence in Artificial Intelligence’ comes in: the programme will promote the establishment of probably three ‘Konrad Zuse Schools of Excellence in Artificial Intelligence’ providing excellent, research-based training at master’s degree and at doctorate level. German higher education institutions (universities and universities of applied sciences) will be responsible for the Schools. Each School will form the umbrella for an association of academically proven researchers who are interested in innovative teaching and are drawn from several higher education institutions and non-university research institutions, as well as representatives of commercial research and development departments (fellows).

The application and selection of projects will take place in two stages. The first stage involves the submission of a project outline which includes qualification and research concepts for a School on AI subjects as well as a supervision concept. Eligible applicants are officially recognised German higher education state institutions. The application deadline is 22 October 2021. Between five and seven concepts will be selected based on the project outlines submitted. At stage two, the selected applicants will then be invited to submit an application for funding for a concretely developed AI School project before the deadline of 15 March 2022.

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Press release by the DAAD (July 21, 2021):