Annual Report 2022

DWIH Tokyo is dedicated to critical future issues such as artificial intelligence and gender equality.

Axel Karpenstein © DAAD Tokyo/Axel Karpenstein

“It's worthwhile combining German and Japanese research efforts”

In this interview, Axel Karpenstein, the newly appointed Director of the DWIH Tokyo, discusses the significance of networking across diverse subject areas, Japanese interest in Germany, and the advantages of being located in Tokyo.


Group photo for the 3rd Japanese-German-French Symposium on Artificial Intelligence (AI) © DWIH Tokyo

In focus: The work of DWIH Tokyo in 2022

The activities of DWIH Tokyo in 2022 particularly reflected the diversity of German-Japanese interaction in the area of science and innovation, with topics ranging from artificial intelligence and gender equity to biodiversity.


Symposium zur Künstlichen Intelligenz © DWIH Tokyo
Spotlight DWIH Tokyo

A deep dive into AI

Facilitating dialogue on all aspects of artificial intelligence has been a priority for DWIH Tokyo for several years, and it reached a new high point in 2022. The 3rd Japanese-German-French Symposium on Artificial Intelligence directed its attention to several fields in which AI can help find sustainable solutions to global problems.


A sunrise view of the Pacific Ocean from the east coast area of Ishigaki Island, Okinawa Perfecture © istock/Cheuk Hin Sherman Sham

Five facts relating to the DWIH focus topic “Sustainable innovations”

Turbines under the sea, solar panels in space, ventilators in the gaps between high-rise buildings: Japan is accelerating the energy transition in imaginative ways and arming itself against the impacts of climate change.


Video portrait

The DWIH Tokyo team

The people at the German Centre for Research and Innovation in Tokyo introduce themselves and their work.


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