German-Japanese Special Presentation: Applications of Advanced Automotive Research in Leading German Companies

© DWIH Tokyo

The DWIH Tokyo organized a special presentation on how German auto-makers are applying advanced automotive research at the Tokyo University of Technology on December 2, 2015. The event attracted an audience of around 80 people, mainly researchers and students, but also from related fields in business, media and government. Through the presentations and the Q&A sessions, the event was a forum to discuss how some automotive companies see the opportunities and challenges of the future automobile.

The event was opened by David Pinsker, Project Manager of the DWIH Tokyo; followed by a welcome from Professor Mitsuhiko Oi, Division General Manager, International Collaboration Division, Tokyo Institute of Technology. He talked of the exceptionally cordial relations the university has always enjoyed with German universities and companies. The keynote speech was then given by the renowned authority Professor Dr. Yasuhiro Daisho, the Graduate School of Creative Science and Engineering at Waseda University, on high efficiency/low emission vehicles. He emphasized that much closer cooperation and collaboration between business and industry is essential if we are to develop models of mobility that meet the needs of the future society.

In the next section, R&D directors from the Daimler group, (Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation), Schaeffler Japan and Continental Automotive Corporation Japan K.K.), each outlined their companies’ research interests and objectives.

After the break, representatives from the three companies discussed some of the research, internship and career opportunities the companies offered. Finally, the DWIH Tokyo gave an explanation of the German Innovation Award research competition. The three companies participating at the event are corporate partners of the Award, which is organized by the DWIH Tokyo.