German Nanotechnology in Japan – DWIH Tokyo Exhibition Opening. Federal President Speaks at the University of Tsukuba

The German Research and Innovation Forum Tokyo (DWIH Tokyo) opened an exhibition presenting German nanotechnology research in Japan the 25th October 2011.

German Federal President Christian Wulff gave a speech to students in the Japanese science city of Tsukuba and visited the “nanoArt from Germany” exhibition organised by the DWIH Tokyo and the Center for Nano integration at the University of Duisburg-Essen (CeNIDE).

In his speech, President Wulff emphasised that the German Research and Innovation Forum Tokyo serves to frame cooperation between Japan and Germany. His visit to Japan is one of the highlights of the celebrations marking the 150th anniversary of German-Japanese friendship.

The “nanoArt from Germany” exhibition presents photography from German nanoscience research laboratories. The DWIH Tokyo and CeNIDE are jointly facilitating a German-Japanese experts workshop on the application of nanomaterials in the energy sector.

“With the help of nanotechnology, sustainable and affordable solutions can be developed to meet the increasing global demand for energy,” says Christof Schulz, Director of the CeNIDE Scientific Board. “We are delighted at the DWIH Tokyo initiative of bringing together German and Japanese experts in order to share ideas on possible applications of nano materials in the energy sector. The University of Tsukuba, with its Nanotech Innovation Area, is among the institutions at the forefront of this field.”

Regine Dieth, Project Manager ofthe DWIH Tokyo commented: “Japan is one of the countries leading the way in nanotechnology. We have therefore made it our mission to facilitate access for German universities and research institutes.” The German Research and Innovation Forum Tokyo provides a setting for German research organisations and industrial research in Japan. Its aim is to collectively showcase German research institutes and companies, and to consolidate scientific and economic cooperation with Japanese partners. The DWIH Tokyo was established by the German Rectors’ Conference (HRK) and the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Japan, and is funded by the German Federal Foreign Office and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

The speech of the President can be found here (in German)