The German Centre for Research and Innovation Tokyo (DWIH) supports the exchange of ideas in areas of knowledge that will be critical in the future through events, networking and showcasing the work of German and international scholars. We focus on topics particular to the Japanese research and innovation landscape, as well as the single, unifying topic chosen by the program committee for all six DWIH's each year.

DWIH Focus Topic 2024

Artificial Intelligence: Spotlight on people and society

How can the potential of artificial intelligence be maximized for the benefit of society while minimizing risks as effectively as possible? This question is at the heart of the 2024 focus topic of the German Centres for Research and Innovation (DWIH), explored within their global network.


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DWIH Focus Topic 2023

The resilient society

Innovations and social responsibility are the two components of a resilient society. Learn more about the DWIH focus topic 2023.


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DWIH Focus Topic 2022

Sustainable Innovations

Sustainable innovations are more relevant than ever for international exchange in the context of global challenges. Find out more about the DWIH focus topic 2022.


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DWIH Focus Topic 2021

Society in transition: impacts of the pandemic

Science and innovation offer significant solutions to the social consequences of the corona crisis. Find out more about the DWIH focus topic 2021.


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DWIH Focus Topic 2020

Cities and Climate

The world’s major cities play an important role for the future of our world's climate. Find out more about the DWIH annual focus topic 2020.


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DWIH Focus Topic 2019

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence promises the next great revolution in how we live, work and play. The DWIH Tokyo helps bring together German innovation and Japanese expertise to address issues such as machine learning, human-computer interaction, and the creation of intelligent systems capable of recognizing and responding to real-time stimuli.


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DWIH Focus Topic 2018

Working Innovatively in a Digital World

Digital innovations are fundamentally changing the working world. We have collected a variety of resources to address key questions about what the digital turn means for work in Germany and to highlight events put on by the DWIH Tokyo about living and working in the digital world.


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Autonomous Driving

Autonomous Driving – next to AI – presents a prioritised field of technology cooperation between Germany and Japan. Technical factors of self-driving vehicles, like sensors and simulation of complex systems of vehicle interaction, as well as human factors will be decisive to make traffic safer and more effective.


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Industrially produced nanoparticles offer potential for a wide range of products in IT & Electronics, Automobiles, Environment & Energy, Life Sciences, Biomimetics, Robotics, Wearables, or Advanced Sensors. Japan and Germany take leading positions in the field of nanotechnology.


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