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The German Centre for Research and Innovation (DWIH) is a forum for German universities, non-university research institutions and research-based companies in Japan.

The DWIH represents and promotes Germany as a location for science, research and innovation, supports knowledge exchange on the German and Japanese science, research, and innovation landscapes, communicates between actors of both countries and thus, creates the preconditions for research cooperation. It connects Japan and Germany bi-directionally, in an interdisciplinary fashion, and advocates exchange on future challenges. To do so, it relies on its research-based partners in Germany who facilitate and shape the work of the DWIH on site.

DWIH Tokyo belongs to a global network of five German Centres for Research and Innovation.

It is the central exchange and cooperation platform for Japanese and German research institutions, universities, and research-based companies, as well as for the interested public. Since its establishment in 2010, it has been supported by the German Federal Foreign Office. It has been coordinated by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), since 2017.

Activities & Services

Exchange and Networks

DWIH Tokyo organises professional events on focal topics of innovation and research. It operates as an exchange platform for players in science and business: universities and non-university research institutions, intermediary and funding organisations, and research-based companies. By utilising research competitions, DWIH motivates exchange and interconnectedness between German and Japanese innovators.

Service and Advice

DWIH Tokyo generates fruitful relations and supports concrete collaboration projects by offering individual consultancy. DWIH helps its supporters and other actors in Germany’s science and business community to organise events and activities in research marketing in Japan.

Information, Advertising and Marketing

On its trilingual website (www.dwih-tokyo.org) and via its online newsletter, DWIH Tokyo provides updates on developments in science, research, and innovation in Germany and Japan. It also informs about current events, funding opportunities and announcements on cooperative ventures through social media.