Presentation slides

Day 1: November 21, 2018 (Wednesday)

Plenary session, Dr. Daniel Andler
“The crucial importance of understanding AI” (PDF; 784KB)

Session I, Dr. Jan-Erik Schirmer
“Autonomous Agents as Legal Persons? A Functional Approach” (PDF; 1,009KB)

Session I, Dr. Akemi Yokota
“AI Guidelines and Principles on R&D and Utilization” (PDF; 1,800KB)

Session III, Dr. Amélie Cordier
“AI & Cities: A Governance Issue” (PDF; 5,566KB)

Session III, Toshihiko Takayama,
“The AI-powered smart city: making cities smarter and more secure”
(PDF; 1,894KB)

Session III,, Stéphane Tanguy
“AI and cities: a political issue” (PDF; 1,772KB)


Day 2: November 22, 2018 (Thursday)

Session IV, Prof. Dr. Fabian Kiessling
“Artificial Intelligence Enables Precision Diagnostics in Clinical Medicine” (PDF; 9,292KB)

Session IV, Prof. Dr. Klaus Juffernbruch
“AI Applications in Health Care” (PDF; 295KB)

Session IV, Dr. Yukie Nagai
“Cognitive Mirroring: Computational Approach to Developmental Disorders” (PDF; 7,604KB)

Session IV, Charlotte Robert and Lucas Fidon
“Using artificial intelligence to personalise cancer care” (PDF; 1,388KB)

Session IV, Dr. Kazuhiro Sakurada
“Precision Medicine by Personal Life Record”(PDF; 986KB)

Session V, Dr. Héloïse Nonne
“AI for railways: a strategic challenge for mobility as a service and for industrial operations” (PDF; 1,266KB)

Session V, Prof. Dr. Philipp Slusallek
“Understanding the World with AI: Training and Validating Smart Machines Using Synthetic Data”(PDF; 1,537KB )

Session VII, Anna Choury
“AI-induced discrimination: risks and solutions” (PDF; 3,413KB)

Session VII, Yan-Taro Clochard
“Defensive and offensive AI for embedded cyber-security” (PDF; 4,434KB)