Green Hydrogen Research Tour (Sep 15 – 20, 2024)

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[Deadline: 2024/06/17, 23:59 CEST] The DAAD invites advanced doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers from Japan and other countries to meet with colleagues at renown German institutions that are actively contributing to green hydrogen research, in order to get first-hand information and insights into promising research results and technological developments.

The tour will include dialogues with researchers and practitioners from universities, non-university research institutions and companies who are actively researching and implementing projects along the entire green hydrogen value chain. Participants will be able to gain an insight into various research projects and technologies that are being developed and applied in Germany and abroad. In addition, participants will be able to network with other scientists who are interested in the same topics, and become part of the DAAD’s Green Hydrogen Working Groups and profit from their benefits and activities. The Research Tour will take place from 15-20 September, visiting six cities in Germany (Chemnitz – Freiberg – Dresden – Cottbus – Potsdam – Berlin) and 10 different institutions.

Who is eligible?
– Doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers with an academic or professional background in the field of green hydrogen
– Participants must be interested in a research cooperation with German partners and/or be motivated to carry out a research stay in Germany

Further information:

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