Sabine Ganter-Richter

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Our series “Connecting East and West – A Short Interview with …“ presents people involved in German-Japanese research collaborations – and their insights on how and where to cooperate successfully.

This week’s guest is Sabine Ganter-Richter, co-founder of the consulting firm LYOGROUP INTERNATIONAL. Ms. Ganter-Richter supports the networking of companies, universities, research institutes and public administration in Germany and Japan with the aim of advancing the digitalization of small and medium-sized enterprises.

1. What kind of research makes you excited, and why?
I am particularly interested in the interconnectedness of research results and everyday life. In this respect, I am thrilled when I see how science and research help to improve people’s lives!

2. What is your connection to Japan?
It’s a long, long story about friendship and a deep bond – I’ll be happy to tell you about it at a personal meeting 😊

3. Where should Japan and Germany cooperate more?
My advice: Leave the beaten path and look beyond the edge of the plate!

4. What is your winning formula for research cooperation?
Be open-minded + stay curios + listen carefully + talk to each other frankly = success + happiness for all cooperation partners!

5. What advice to you have for Japanese researchers looking for joint projects?
The first step is the hardest – don’t hesitate, just make it!

Sabine Ganter-Richter

My passion: Connecting people and designing cooperation by offering creative solutions to initiate and foster engagement of stakeholders from science and research, industry and SMEs, public and private institutions in Europe (Germany) and Japan!

  • GRANITE – German Research Ambassador’s Network for Industrial Technology Endeavors
  • Executive Manager, European Japan Experts Association e.V. (EJEA)
  • Boardmember, Deutsche Gesellschaft der JSPS-Stipendiaten e.V. (German JSPS Alumni Association, ドイツ語圏日本学術振興会研究者同窓会)
  • 1. Chairperson, Deutsch-Japanische Gesellschaft Bonn e.V. ( 独日協会ボン)
  • Translator degree for Japanese and Korean, Bonn University, Germany

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