Mayors of Bochum and Tsukuba discuss post-Corona-society

© Stadt Bochum, Bildarchiv

During the opening event of the “Tsukuba Global Science Week” on September 28 2020, the mayors of the cities of Tsukuba (Dr. Tatsuo Igarashi) and Bochum (Thomas Eiskirch) discussed with high-ranking scientists how a society after Corona should and ought to look like. In doing so, they especially went into detail on the close collaboration between cities and universities.

Both mayors emphasised the essential support, that both cities’ administrations received, from local universities on many measures taken. The close collaboration with the Ruhr-University Bochum and the University of Applied Science (Hochschule für Gesundheit) in Bochum, and the University of Tsukuba on the Japanese side respectively, is said to have contributed substantially to the comparatively good containment of the pandemic in both cities. The effective cooperation between administration and science underlines the importance, which both mayors attribute to the universities in the further development of their towns into “Science Cities”.

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