Smart apparel in sports, at work or to assist in rehabilitation


Xenoma, wearHEALTH and DFKI collaboration creates detailed magnetometer-free motion capture with smart apparel

Xenoma, wearHEALTH, a research group from Technische Universität Kaiserslautern, and the German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) are collaborating in the development of smart apparel combined with advanced motion capture technology. This technology can be instantly adapted to enable the use of wearable sensors in various applications in sports, health and industry.

The system includes sensor calibration and magnetometer-free motion capture algorithms from DFKI and wearHEALTH, combining them with Xenoma’s e-skin smart apparel to create a solution suitable for daily use. This opens up possibilities for a variety of applications in rehabilitation, sport, work safety and wherever detailed and robust motion capture is required.

Dr Gabriele Bleser, head of wearHEALTH, said, “Xenoma’s hardware represents the perfect integration of sensor technology into clothing, enabling intelligent technologies to actually be worn like ordinary everyday clothing”.

Video: Magnetometerfreies Tracking des Unterkörpers mit Xenoma’s E-Skin-Hose

Link to the full article: DFKI Pressemitteilung, vom 03.01.2019

Link to Japanese translation of the full article (with permission of the DFKI)