Call for Proposals for a German-Japanese Innovation Project – Development of Digital Technologies (5G)

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[Deadline: 2022/04/05] The BMWK has published a call for funding for a German-Japanese innovation project in the context of the funding framework “Entwicklung digitaler Technologien”. The aim of the technology competition “Mobile Connectivtiy for Key Industries” is to develop and test innovative 5G communication technologies for practical use in the manufacturing industry. Funding is provided for innovation projects (with up to €3 million for the German partners) that have the potential to develop high visibility for industry and trigger imitation effects. In addition, the results of the project should contribute to the international standardization of advanced 5G technologies.

The Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, as well as the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (MIC, METI) are also issuing a similar call for proposals. The German and Japanese winning projects are expected to cooperate closely after approval. The Japanese partners will be funded by the Japanese side and selected according to the rules of the Japanese call. Collaboration between Germany and Japan is only possible between the funded partners. Applicants from Germany must confirm that they are willing to cooperate with the Japanese partners selected by the Japanese Ministry.

The project starts on September 1, 2022.

The German Call for Funding:;jsessionid=BB114933B183AB17E0DB9902CB5301CA?__blob=publicationFile&v=4


The Japanese Call for Funding


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