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The Next-Generation Global Workshop has been organized annually since 2008 by Kyoto University in collaboration with European and Asian partner universities to give early career researchers the opportunity to present their research in English and receive feedback from an international audience.

Thematically, this year’s workshop focuses on the potential of the humanities and social sciences to make a critical contribution to sustainability in a global context.


In 2024, the workshop will be organized for the first time as a joint platform by the Institutes of Transcultural Studies of Heidelberg University, Kyoto University, and Chung Hsing University (Taichung, Taiwan) to kickstart further collaboration in teaching and research.

In addition to two public keynotes on the topics of transcultural theories, methods and sustainability by outstanding scholars from the field of transcultural studies as well as a roundtable that expands the view to cultural exchange, migration and human-machine interaction, the workshop will focus on presentations by around twenty advanced MA and PhD students.

[Deadline: 2024/07/14] Eligibility for application: Master’s students and Ph.D. students with the recommendation from their supervisors. The Organizing Committee will screen the applications based on candidates’ qualifications and abstracts.

Event Information

September 27 to 29, 2024

Faculty of Letters, Kyoto University
Organizer(s): Institutes of Transcultural Studies of Heidelberg University, Kyoto University, Chung Hsing University / Unterstützer: DWIH Tokyo

Entry fee: Not required

Contact: Organizing Committee of the 17th Next-Generation Global Workshop
Asato Wako (Director, KUASU), Stephane Heim, Björn-Ole Kamm, Ji Chenjia, Xu Yao, Nozawa Yui


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