University of Bonn

Founded in 1818, the University of Bonn is today one big academic community comprising approximately 39,000 (doctoral) students, 6,500 employees and approximately 200,000 alumni globally.

The community also extends to a global network of 70 partner universities across six continents, research partners in almost 10,000 bilateral projects, the United Nations and many educational and research institutions, companies and organizations. As a modern research university with a strong international focus offering a broad selection of subjects, the University of Bonn is divided into seven faculties with programs ranging from Agricultural Sciences to Dentistry. In addition to classic subjects, the University of Bonn has created transdisciplinary research areas (TRAs), in which leading researchers come together to find solutions for current scientific and social challenges. Almost a third of the University budget is the result of Bonn’s researchers successfully competing for science funds. The University’s extraordinary track record was topped further by two exceptional highlights during the German Excellence Strategy: in 2018, Bonn was able to obtain six Clusters of Excellence, while in the following year it was proclaimed University of Excellence. This makes the University of Bonn not only the most successful university within the German excellence contest, but also the only university in the country which in the past 30 years has been able to count among its alumni two Nobel Prize as well as two Fields Medals winners. Yet this is no surprise: providing intelligent minds the best possible chance to develop has been a proven strategy resulting in many prizes and awards.