RWTH Aachen University

The RWTH University Aachen is a place where the future of the industrialized world is thought. The University is an internationally distinguished hotspot that develops innovative answers to global challenges. The RWTH University, with its 9 faculties consisting of 260 institutes, is one of the leading scientific institutions in Europe. In the winter semester of 2018/2019 there 45,256 students enrolled in 157 study programs, of which 10,455 were international students from 125 different countries.

Besides the outstanding basic education, the research and development of new, innovative applications in international teams is characteristic for studies at the RWTH University Aachen. Look to the future – this is something students learn as of the first semester. The work in research centers are based on the current needs of industry. This leads to a great number of inventions that are patented and utilized.

Today, more than 10,000 people from all over the world work, research and teach at the RWTH Aachen. This living and breathing form of internationality is backed by strategies, actions and services that promote the internationality of learning, teaching and researching. Japan is one of the most important partner countries of the internationalization strategy, which is why collaboration with Japanese universities, research institutions and industry partners on-site plays an important role.

RWTH Aachen cooperates with various important Japanese universities on university and faculty level. Particularly strong cooperations exist with the Tokyo Institute of Technology, Keio University and Osaka University. In March 2019, the Tokyo Tech opened its European Office (Tokyo Tech ANNEX) at RWTH Aachen University. The Europe-Office of Tokyo Tech aims at intensifying the vivid research and industry cooperations. With Keio University and Osaka University RWTH is linked through double degree programs, a joint graduate school and summer schools.

RWTH Aachen looks forward to further expand its activities with Japan as an associated supporter of DWIH Tokyo.