The Leibniz Association (WGL)

The Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Scientific Community, known as the Leibniz Association, is the umbrella organisation for 86 institutions conducting research or providing scientific infrastructure.

Some 8,200 scientists and scholars work in the humanities and social sciences, economics, spatial and life sciences as well as in mathematics, the natural and engineering sciences and in environmental research. Altogether, ca. 17,300 people are employed at Leibniz Institutes.

The Leibniz Association is characterized by the variety of subjects and disciplines treated in the institutions. This variety allows, in particular, to bridge the gap between the humanities and social sciences as well as natural sciences, life sciences and engineering. The research museums in the Leibniz Association preserve and explore the natural and cultural heritage. They also showcase research and are places of learning, thus eliciting fascination for science.

Leibnitz Institutes provide scientific services and the relevant infrastructure and cooperate with universities, institutions belonging to other science organisations and commercial enterprise.

Dr. Samuel Krug

International Affairs