German-Japanese Association of Jurists


The German-Japanese Association of Jurists (Deutsch-Japanische Juristenvereinigung e.V.), founded in 1988, is committed to the following objectives:

- to strengthen the cooperation of German and Japanese jurists of all professions and to deepen the mutual understanding of their legal systems

- to offer scholars and practitioners a forum for the exchange of ideas so that scientific knowledge and practical experience from both countries can be made accessible

- to cultivate and encourage personal and professional contact and cooperation among people interested in German and Japanese Law.

These objectives are implemented through lectures, scholarly events, the publication of the “Zeitschrift  für Japanisches Recht / Journal of Japanese Law”, and of a series of publications focusing on Japanese law, as well as more generally through the support of scholarly work on questions that are of significance for the legal systems of both countries.

The Association regularly informs its members about new Japanese legislation, significant court decisions, and other noteworthy news from its field of activity. In addition, it sponsors periodic lectures in various cities and organizes comparative law symposiums.

At present, approximately 700 individuals, companies and institutions in Germany, Japan and other countries are members of the Association. Not only jurists, but also scholars and practitioners from other areas of specialization are welcome as members. The same applies for companies and other institutions that wish to help realizing the objectives of the association.